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        In the development process of more than 20 years,
        Yarward always leads the trend with technologies, guards lives with quality and helps customers succeed with services. Yarward is dedicated to bridging the heartfelt communication gaps among doctors, nurses and patients.

        Cloud Hub Ward Service Interactive System

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        Open Platform-Based
        Intensive Customization
        Creating a new way of living in the ward

        Cloud Hub Outpatient Service Interactive System

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        Awesome Software Platform
        Keep up with Business Process
        Personalized Display Customization
        Efficient Implementation

        ICU Visitation and Guardianship System

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        Quad-Core ARM A17 Processor
        13.3-Inch HD Touch Screen
        ?Medical-Grade Android System
        Adopting cutting-edge technologies, fashionable and friendly

        Health care communication system

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        Optimal Solution to Ward Digitization
        Quality Terminal with Ultra-Simple Networking
        B/S Architecture Software System
        Stable and Distinguished with Concise Science and Technology

        Digital nursing communication laboratory Health care communication Laboratory

        We are inspired by the market and cutting-edge technologies as to shape our unique insights and positioning, based on which some of the concepts are easily turned into reality. Finally, we make efforts to secure the reliability of the products with extreme harshness.

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        About Us

        • PROFILE
        • CULTURE
        • HONOR
        • HISTORY
        Guide &


        Shandong Yarward Electronics Plc. always sticks to the field of health care communication and is committed to creating more harmonious atmosphere and more efficient communication in the hospital. We provide services for nearly three million medical beds, making billions of sincere connections between doctors and patients.

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        Culture &


        Yarward was established based on moral virtues and has always applied its promises into actual acts. Our company upholds the mission to develop itself in innovating, gain reputation with quality, create opportunities impartially, improve through competitiveness, manage with the collective wisdom and to select talents for their righteousness. In pursuing this mission, we built up a team of solidity and a brand with a long history.

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        Honor &


        This is a showcase of what we could do and we have done, which only represents part of our past. We also would love to witness the future with you under your supports.

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        Brand &


        Our company grows with numerous partners and we have all witnessed the development of the industry over the past 20 years . We are beaming with pride while reminiscing, and also we look forward to the journey in the future.

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